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posted Dec 16, 2014, 10:59 PM by Annika Michelson
Siin tuli uus kiri kuidas EL komissjonis läks. Ka Maadjas pooldab et tehakse täitse uus regulatsioon, mitte vana ümberkirjutamist.

The European Commission today had the opportunity to formally withdraw the 
EU seeds regulation. That did not happen. Commission wants to keep all options open. (see work programme attached).

There are still 2 options on the table:
1. resubmit the old, failed EU Regulation in a modified version
2. withdraw the failed proposal and and replace it with a completely new one.

Arche Noah will be fighting for option 2.

What's next:

Commission now keeps on testing waters: Parliament will probably say in January which option they prefer. Normally, they should reiterate their position from March 2014 when they rejected the proposal: ask for option 2.
BUT: Today during the debate in plenary, just one MEP (Tarabella) raised the seeds question. So parliament sent the signal that Commission could get away with Option 1. Or at least they did not signal that they care much about the

The Council has already informally positioned on 5 December in a letter: they prefer option 1.